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Welcome to the world of glorious streaming, gone are the days of commercials and old rerun episodes. Enter the modern and digital age of binge watching your favourite shows, season after season! TechBytes has been programming since 2003 and we can be trusted to keep you up and running with all the latest streaming apps so you’re not stuck in the dark with an empty bowl of popcorn! Check out our boxes and programming options below!



Below are some of the options we support. These do not include any programming or IPTV and must be purchased separately.


TechBytes have currently discontinued the programming portion from our portfolio of services. Please see IPTV info!


For IPTV options, we suggest using the follow link below. Service is handled through this provider (“Comstar” ). We only facilitate application loading onto your devices for a $19.99 Fee. Contact us for more info !

Customer Support

If you are having issue with the programming or your box is having issues, we are more than happy to help. If it is related to the IPTV service listed above, you must go through your account you setup on the website.

Next are a few Frequently Asked Questions that may help solve your issue prior to giving us an email. Be sure to check through them first!

Techbytes will note that buffering or lag during streams is unfortunate; however we cannot warranty issues that are often times out of our hands. For a more detailed explanation, you may email us to tackle any questions you may have prior or during purchase.

[email protected]

Frequently Asked

Nothing is working?

You must be more specific when saying “nothing”, please mention in your support email which application you are having the issue with.

Have you checked the other apps? Are they having issues as well? Often times if all applications are not working, its an issue with your connection to the internet OR your box is having issues keeping up.

Trying an Update but its not working?

Have you attempted closing/turning off the box and then restarting the application? If this problem continues for more than 24 hours, the application is most likely having an issue with their update process and we may need to reprogram the box for you. Move over to another application supplied by us to continue watching your content for the meantime.

My Remote control isn’t working?

This is usually one of 3 issues:

  • The Battery has died and requires replacement
  • The Remote has unpaired itself and requires re-pairing with your android box. To fix this simply hold the home button for 10+ seconds and your remote will re-connect!
  • The Remote has died due to damage or has become faulty

If you require a new remote, let us know and we can find you a proper replacement!