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Smart Home Setup


Smart Home Gadgets are getting increasingly more popular over the last 4-5 years. Just walk into any hardware store or electronics box store and you will find entire isles or sections of stores dedicated to nothing but smart home goodness! From WiFi Lights, Voice Assistants, Thermostats, Video Doorbells, two way porch light cameras, Wi-Fi door locks, etc… It seems the options are limitless of what can be done in a modern home nowadays. The only thing lacking is the knowledge and programming help these box stores don’t possess or offer to their customers. This is where the TechBytes fits in.

smarthome automation

Book us for a consult to come out and look over your home. We can offer the best and up to date recommendations for smart gadgets that will work for you! Or simply have us come and configure your home! We can setup all sorts of custom rules and commands for your home!

We believe in being as fair as we can so rather than charging a high-end specialty Service onsite price, we simply charge you our normal flat rate fee for our initial assessment.